What are the Best Vitamins for Mental Health in Men and Fathers?

What are the Best Vitamins for Mental Health in Men and Fathers?

Mental health can be affected by many different factors. Genetics, family psychiatric history, environmental factors and interpersonal factors can all impact the way we feel. Our mood is a product of our overall mental health and affects the way we interact with others. Getting adequate nutrition and exercise is one way to support a healthy lifestyle which, in turn, boosts mood and overall well being.

Why Men’s Mental Health in Important to talk about

In men, depression and anxiety are common mental health concerns. 37.4% of adult men in the United States had sought mental health treatment within the past year, according to SAMHSA, CDC, and Department of Justice studies. One in five adults experience mental illness and 1 in 20 adults experience serious mental illness each year in the United States.  

Anxiety can present in many different ways. Some men may experience physical symptoms (tension, heart racing, difficulty breathing, sweating) while others may experience more cognitive symptoms (racing thoughts, nervousness, worry, rumination), and others may experience a combination of both. 

Men’s Mental Health Symptoms

Symptoms of depression tend to be similar in men and women, however, the ways of coping with the signs and symptoms may differ across groups. Men have been found to be more hesitant to talk about their mental health with friends than women. In one study, only 31% of men would talk to their family about depressed mood compared with 47% of women. Men reported using television, exercise, and alcohol use to cope rather than talking about their experiences. 

Symptoms of depression may include (but are not limited to): 

  • Low mood
  • Feeling worthless or hopelessness 
  • Angry or irritable
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Withdrawal from social networks
  • Fatigue, and sleep problems
  • Low appetite
  • Low libido

Feeling overwhelmed with everyday tasks may also occur and in more severe cases, suicidal thoughts may be present. If symptoms are present and seem to be lingering, seek advice from a medical or mental health professional. 

Why Finding the Best Vitamins for Mental Health in Men is Paramount

Regaining control over depression and anxiety at times can feel like an uphill battle, but it’s surely one worth persevering through. Focusing on proper self care is paramount in regaining one's footing. Proper exercise, nutrition, and various self care activities can be largely beneficial. Additionally, making sure you’re getting the right number of vitamins and minerals can help keep energy levels up and support a better overall mood. 

It’s recommended that men try to consume at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. This can be tough when schedules are tight and you’re already feeling overwhelmed. Finding the best vitamins for mental health in men can be an excellent way to get the nutrients you need without sacrificing convenience. Yes, you can get the best of both worlds and at DadPack we believe you deserve it.

Mental health treatment can take many shapes and forms - there is no one size fits all. Therapy and medication can be beneficial for many individuals. Different types of treatment will be effective for different people. Some individuals may seek alternative solutions such as nutrition therapy. 

Nutrition therapy focuses on nutrition’s effect on mental health and overall mood. Trained professionals can help find weak spots in a person’s diet where they may not be getting enough macro- and micro-nutrients. They may recommend diet and lifestyle changes, or supplementation with vitamins. Low levels of folate have been found to be linked to depression, so folic acid supplements may help boost mood and provide relief from mental health symptoms. 

Vitamin deficiencies may alter or weaken the effects of our organs. When our organs are not functioning optimally, we are at an increased risk of developing various mental and physical health conditions. Don’t forget that the brain is an organ, too, and certain nutrients are required for the brain to function. 

The Best Vitamins for Mental Health in Men

  • B vitamins are recommended as some of the best vitamins to support good mental health. B vitamins have been associated with decreased fatigue, improved memory, and mental clarity. B vitamins including Thiamine/B1, Riboflavin/B2, and B12 can contribute to low mood, anxiety, fearfulness, and irritability. 
  • B12 and Folate/B9 are important for nervous system functioning. These vitamins promote the production of neurotransmitters that influence mood and behavior. Consuming vitamin B-rich foods and supplements could improve mental health by improving mood and reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety. 
  • Vitamin C also affects mental health. Studies have found an association between vitamin C levels and mood. Low levels may contribute to chronic fatigue and depression. Improvement in mood was reported from both individuals with low levels and individuals with high levels when taking additional vitamin C. 
  • Vitamin D contributes to healthy brain functioning and mood regulation. People diagnosed with depression may also experience lower than average levels of vitamin D. Low vitamin D levels have been found to link to depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. For people living in areas where sun exposure is low for months at a time, it’s important to supplement with vitamin D to maintain a positive mood.  

Studies suggest that daily multivitamins could help boost mood and improve general well-being. Supplements with good amounts of B vitamins, vitamin C, and vitamin D will work to improve mental health and keep everything running smoothly. Invest in high quality vitamins to boost health and ensure optimal functioning. Vitamin packages are also an option for a more customized experience. 

How To Find The Best Vitamins for Mental Health in Men

Dadpack offers targeted daily vitamin packs for men and Dads. The Daily Essentials vitamin pack is specifically formulated to address the most common nutrient deficiencies among men on their journey to and through fatherhood. In fact, 70% of new dads report experiencing depression, anxiety, weight-gain and/or hormone-reduction on their fatherhood journey. 

With premium-grade, ethically-sourced supplements, Dadpack provides science-backed formulations to address any deficiencies you may be experiencing on your rise to fatherhood. Don’t settle for a generic multivitamin that may or may not help you reach your nutrition goals. Choose a customized experience that aims to balance your specific imbalances, because we know even the toughest men need a little help sometimes.  

If you’re worried about a vitamin deficiency, speak with your healthcare provider to have tests performed. Do not self-diagnose. 

Set it and forget it and move onto the rest of yourto do list. And in the wordsof everydad’s favorite Moana character:You’re Welcome.

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